Kristen Parrish says:

Great paper Mitch! A couple of small comments:

1. Insert the references before the punctuation at the end of a sentence. As an example, “Figure 4b below is from Wikipedia. [8]” should read, “Figure 4b below is from Wikipedia [8].”

2. The PCT discussion is interesting, and it was the focus of your presentation, but it does not clearly link to the remainder of this paper. Maybe suggest a BISTEG need for a PCT and a hypothetical set of countries who would be involved?



NewDelman, Mitchell says:

Hi Kristen:
As for comment #1; you are right and thank you.
Comment #2 needs an explanation. Distinct from the submitted paper, the workshop presentation purposefully went into the utility of a PCT in a private sector initiative to SPIN-IN PCT protected technolgy into a qualified university. Of course, I believe BISTEG represents an archetype SPIN-IN opportunity. The 146 Jurisdictions that have signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty (Hence PCT) is just about everybody except Taiwan and Argentina. Therefore depending upon a later Market Research analysis (say by an MBA candidate), the specific technology will be known to have markets in some but not all of those claimable Jurisdictions. The PCT allows 18 Months to decide which “National Phase” patents to pursue (and pay the statutory fees in each such Jurisdiction). For example, BISTEG might simply forego registering in places like Vanuatu but would choose to pursue the National Phase in the USA and EU et cetera.


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