Conference Committee

2014 ISSST International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technologies

Conference Chair


Thomas P. Seager (Arizona State University)

Executive Chair


Elizabeth Barnes (Arizona State University)

Conference Coordinator

Beth Shafer (Current Events Co.)

Program Chairs


Matt Eckelman (Northeastern University), Troy Hawkins (Enviance), Chris Yuan (University of Wisconsin), Lise Laurin (Earthshift, LLC), and John Harland (Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center)

Finance Chair

Jeremy Gregory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Publicity Chairs

Colin Fitzpatrick (University of Limerick) and Randy Kirchain (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Student Group Committee


Jose Alfaro (University of Michigan), Andrea Hicks (University of Illinois), Cassandra Thiel (University of Pittsburgh)

Student Paper and Poster Session Chairs

Vikas Khanna (University of Pittsburgh) and Gabrielle Gaustad (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Editors, Proceedings of the ISSST

Jun-Ki Choi (University of Dayton) and Melissa Bilec (University of Pittsburgh)

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