#ISSST2014 4Space Workshop: Brainstorming! (Xanthe Matychak)


Sustainability requires working with stakeholders from an array of disciplines and backgrounds to explore and address complex problems. To do this successfully, we need tools to help us work across disciplines with empathy and agility.

In this workshop, participants will learn about and practice tools for brainstorming and assessing ideas inspired by the program at Stanford University’s d.school. Participants will leave the workshop being able to do the following:

  • Distinguish divergent and convergent thinking

  • Generate ideas and assess using a “2×2 matrix”

  • Choose the best ideas to prototype, and use a storyboard to start the prototyping process

  • Gather and interpret feedback using a “feedback grid” in order to revise ideas

Length: 2 hours

Participation is limited to 12 people.

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Xanthe Matychak is a designer and educator working at the intersection of creativity, sustainability, and technology. She is the founder of Make Better Stuff, an organization that helps diverse groups of people solve complex problems. Xanthe serves on the board of Ithaca Generator, a makerspace in Ithaca NY and The Sustainability Conoscente Network. She has shared her work at TEDx, SxSW Interactive, and World Maker Faire.

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