Agile Sessions at #ISSST2014

from Alan Bush:

You may have heard mention of an Unconference or Open Space facilitation format coming to ISSST, and we’re going to do something similar. It’s a little Archimedes meets Dr. Strangelove. Stay with me, here.

We all have had this moment at ISSST: you go to a session, have a conversation over coffee or at lunch with some brilliant person, and “Eureka!” You strike on something–be it a question, insight, problem, opportunity– that seems important and knits together some of the threads you’ve been seeing at ISSST. You want to have a dialogue with others that will be excited about it and know how to take it farther. ISSST’s presentations set the stage for these moments, and ISSST concentrates the talented people who could have that amazing conversation with you. If only you could get them all together and frame a good conversation! Without yelling at the top of your lungs and running through the streets naked, how would you find those people? Where could you get them together to have a productive conversation?

We’re going make a small attempt to bridge the gap between those Eureka moments and a good dialogue this year. Here’s how it will work:

1) You have your Eureka moment, and want to have a dialogue around an idea, question, concern, opportunity. You can either:

Tweet it! We’ll have a hashtag by game time.
Post it! We’ll have a Big Board (the nod to Dr. Strangelove), paper and makers for you to post your idea.

2) The next step is our job. We’ll do some Visual Facilitation, taking the tweets and posts that come in and inductively building a conceptual architecture to arrange them on the Big Board. We may even have an online mind map that parallels it.

3) During coffee breaks and such, participants can come and see what is percolating amongst the collective intelligence of the conference. If you’re interested in a particular post, you tag your email next to it.

4) When a post hits critical mass of interest, we get an Agile Session! We then help that post find a space for the dialogue to unfold–4Space, conference room or bar. We may even have some facilitation expertise on hand to help structure a productive conversation.

That’s the gist. If you’re interested in providing logistical support, email Alan at

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