Maker Workshop at ISSST – design products for the 21st century!

“The time for mass producing average products for average people is coming to an end.”

– Seth Godin

There are huge changes happening in the electronic products industry. The investment-capital required for designing, manufacturing, and distributing products has dropped to the floor. End-users are getting smarter and more tech savvy. Thus, industry is faced with an interesting problem: If we don’t figure out how to collaborate with end-users to provide them with what they want, they’ll make things themselves and for 1,000 of their friends. They have the tools and know-how to do so.

Come to this hands-on workshop where we’ll  learn three design strategies that will help us address the changes mentioned above:

  1. Expertise – How do we navigate diversity and different types of expertise?

  2. Empathy – How do we gain insights into end-users’ unique points-of-view?

  3. Emotion – How do we engage users’ emotions?


We’ll finish the workshop with a fun build, putting our hands on the technologies that are causing this shift.

Each participant will leave the workshop with a custom-made product.


FACILITATORS – Ken Rother and Xanthe Matychak

WHEN – Tuesday 20 May, 2-5pm


FEE – Workshop has a $55 material fee. Each participant will leave the workshop with a product that was built just for them.

Watch Xanthe’s TEDx Talk on impacts of maker technology

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