ISSST Proceedings

We are in  the final steps of the ISSST conference proceeding process!
Great news – we have extended the final version paper deadline to June 28,

If you haven’t already, please check out the Proceedings page to read articles from the conference and comment on them.

The deadline extension does a few things for us:
1. We’d like to brand the papers with a full color logo, and we just drafted one based on the logo contest that we ran at ISSST2013.
2. Melissa Bilec is in direct contact with FigShare. Although Figshare is free, we’re asking them for something a little out of the ordinary. They usually expect individual authors to upload everything themselves, and we want to upload the entire proceedings so that each individual paper has an individual DOI, but that they are a recognizable proceedings. We need a little more time to figure out how to do that right.

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