ISSST2014 Paper Winners

First place, with a prize of $350, was awarded to Rob Best of Stanford University for his paper titled “Optimizing the Total Fuel Cycle Efficiency of an Idealized CCHP-Powered Community in Oakland, CA”.

Rob Best, 1st place winner, Paper Competition

Second place, with a prize of $250, was awarded to Jihoon Min of Carnegie Mellon University for his paper titled “Assessing Regional Differences in Lighting Heat Replacement Effects in Residential Buildings in the United States”.

Third place, with a prize of $150, was awarded to Hua Cai of University of Michigan for her paper titled “Informing Electric Vehicle Public Charging Infrastructure Development using Travel Patterns Mined from Big-Data”.

ISSST2014 Poster Winners

1st place: Andrew Berardy, Arizona State University

2nd place: Valentina Prada, Arizona State University

3rd place: Daina Rasutis, Arizona State University




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