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Henning Roedel says:

1) Why was the Eco-Indicator 99 impact assessment methodology chosen?
2) What is the ‘situation of the 1990s’? “The -CA study re&resents the situation of the 1990s, and considers the situation did not change much”
3) There are a couple of typos, “stanadrad14040” near the start of the paper as well as a Figure5/6 typo towards the end of the paper.
4) Figure 5 shows the ‘normalization’… to what? Also what are the units on the y-axis?
5) The data collected by the author in Feb 2013 is only mentioned as is, and not discussed further. What impact did those observations have on the LCA? What did they inform in the model?

Ammar Irhoma says:

Thank you very much for your useful feedback.
The Eco-indicator 99 method was used because it has European data where Libyan petroleum refinery uses European refinery and systems. Also the eco-indicator 99 method uses the damage-oriented approach. Normalization is performed on damage category level. Normalization data is calculated on European level (Considering the Libyan refinery and the petroleum production follows EU system) , mostly based on 1993 as base years, with some updates for the most important emissions. The system uses 1990s due to the fact that the refinery is old from the 1990s and the production system used still did not change much since then according to Senior managers from the Azzawya oil refinery. This is one example of how the data from the field work influenced the LCA. In regard to the Y-axis is in The normalization factors presented in fig 5 were derived from data collected in Europe, and are therefore subjective. The Y axis units as of Simapro and Eco-indicator 99 are units of persons/yr/mgd .
Thanks for your feedback, an amended document will replace the current one based on your feedback.
Many thanks

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